We exist to empower the world's publishers by advancing new models for journalism.

Our Story

We founded Stacker in 2017 with a simple vision: provide publishers with engaging, data-driven stories. News organizations have long relied on legacy newswires to fill coverage gaps and complement original reporting. We saw the need for approachable journalism that combines rigorous data analysis with rich editorial insights—and we rapidly became a go-to source for data-driven features.

As we developed new storytelling methods and expanded our publishing network, our mission grew. We wanted to support the world’s newsrooms and build a future where journalism is more sustainable to produce, distribute, and fund. The first step was to make our newswire freely available to all publishers, whether local or national.

Today, Stacker is built around a dynamic newsroom that brings together thinkers and storytellers from beyond traditional media to tackle age-old industry challenges, from how to scale storytelling concepts to imagining a new way for brands to ethically contribute to a tradition of trustworthy journalism.

Our unique storytelling method and partnership approach allows us to work with publishers looking for engaging content and brands committed to creating authoritative, newsworthy stories. This powers our free newswire and ever-growing storytelling platform, enabling publishers to effectively inform and engage their audiences while providing them with the resources to focus on their own original reporting.

Here's What We've Been Up To

We’re continually developing ways to expand access to journalism and keep the world informed.

Aug. 2017

Stacker launches with no outside capital—just four founders and a commitment to developing data-driven stories and delivering them to the world’s publishers.

Oct. 2017

Stacker publishes its first stories, transforming publicly available data into digestible coverage for readers.

Feb. 2018

Stacker expands storytelling across news, business, entertainment, lifestyle, weather, and sports beats, drawing on 200+ data sources including the CDC, NOAA, TripAdvisor, and Zillow.

Nov. 2018

Stacker grows its publishing network to include major local news organizations, offering free coverage to partners such as Tribune, Lee Enterprises, and Hearst.

Oct. 2019

Through publisher partnerships and on-site audience growth, Stacker journalism reaches over 5 million readers a month and more than 200 million page views.

April 2020

Stacker surpasses 1,000 news partners—from media giants and local newsrooms to up-and-coming digital media organizations and independent journalists.

July 2020

Stacker Studio launches, bringing brands into the fold of high-value journalism and introducing a new way to fund our newswire—uncovering opportunities for untold stories to make it to newsrooms across the country.

April 2021

Stacker Story Hub launches, offering a growing library of over 4,000 original features, searchable across topic, headline, or city, and easy to republish.

Sept. 2021

Stacker officially places all text content under the Creative Commons and launches the 'Republish This Story' button, making it easier than ever for reporters and editors everywhere to syndicate or repurpose rights-approved, data-driven coverage for their own audiences.

Jan. 2022

Stacker Data Drops debuts, giving journalists open source access to data they can use to create their own stories.

Feb. 2022

Stacker Local launches, which turns our data storytelling into local series available across all 50 states, 384 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, and other more granular geographic cuts.

March 2022

Stacker announces its commitment to doubling the newsroom.

May 2022

Micah Cohen joins Stacker as Editor-in-Chief to help elevate and expand our data coverage.

What We Stand For


We believe in holding ourselves accountable to all of our partners—publishers, brands, and readers—by being transparent and honest. From the way we produce our stories to the way we structure our business, everything about how Stacker operates is communicated openly.


We aim to support the thousands of organizations out there that, like Stacker, are dedicating their time and energy to producing great journalism. Stacker was built out of a collaborative, not competitive spirit. Our work is a result of cross-teams efforts and the intersection of diverse fields and specialties.


We invite and encourage experimentation and an entrepreneurial approach. We’re constantly looking to discover new and better ideas to push our industry forward.


Stacker is diverse by design, bringing in team members of all backgrounds and expertises to inspire something new in media. We believe that differing points of views can generate productive outcomes, and invite discussion and collaboration across teams.


We are accountable, work smart, and take pride in the contributions each individual brings to the table. Every employee at Stacker has an ownership stake in the company. We’re growing fast and recognize each team member can make a lasting mark.

Our Team

We’re a team of entrepreneurial thinkers, media-minded nerds, and advocates of tech-forward journalism.

Our full-time newsroom includes over two dozen data journalists, editors, and writers who have worked with and been published in leading national publications.

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Noah Greenberg


Tommy Gamba


Micah Cohen

Editor in Chief

Melanie Holohan

VP of Accounts

Sam Gross

VP of Newsroom Product & Strategy

Ken Romano

VP of Distribution

Nicole Caldwell

Managing Editor

Jared Beilby

Data Reporter

Tim Bruns

Copy Editor

Brian Budzynski

Senior Editor

Paris Close

Copy Editor

Elena Cox

Senior Data Reporter

Dom DiFurio


Michael Flocker

Senior Content Producer

Luke Hicks

Senior Data Reporter

Elisa Huang

Deputy Managing Editor, Studio

Samuel Larson

Data Reporter

Lauren Liebhaber

Staff Writer

Sneha Menon

Content Strategist

Paxtyn Merten

Sr. Data Reporter

Robert Powell

Director of Newsroom Product

Jaimie Puskar

Head of Content Strategy

Emma Rubin

Senior Data Reporter

Emilia Ruzicka

Data Reporter

Diana Shishkina

Data Reporter

Eliza Siegel


Kristen Wegrzyn

Senior Editor

Esprit Smith

Deputy Managing Editor, News

Kelly Glass

Deputy Managing Director, Culture

Ashleigh Graf

Deputy Managing Editor, Money

Andrej Bogdanovics

Account Executive

Siri Cosper

Head of Sales

Nellie Dubin

Account Manager

Kevin Fowler

Head of SEO

Julia Hagopian

Account Executive

Benjamin Higgins

Sales Director

Samuel Kaye

SEO Strategist

Eliana Marzullo

Account Manager

Amanda Milligan

Head of Marketing

Coleman Walsh

Account Manager

John Offreda

Senior Sales Director

Adam Hurst

Partner Success Manager

Matthew Anderson

Business Development Director

Angelica Catalano Sanchez

Partner Success Director

Tamara Sykes

Outreach Manager

Miriam Daub

Director of Business Operations

Brandon Poindexter

Head of People

Becky Eder

Sales Operations Manager